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Welcome to Children's Creative Corner Co-operative Nursery School
~ learning through the power of play ~

About Us

Founded in 1982, Children’s Creative Corner Co-operative Nursery School
is in the heart of Bloor West Village.

In 1976 Carolyn MacKay, head of the Family Studies Department at Western Technical-Commercial School, founded a pre-school program with the support of Principal Barry Stroud. One of the driving motivations was to provide Family Studies students with the opportunity to learn by active participation with children in a play environment.

An empty classroom was transformed into a play school and children were recruited by means of an advertisement in The Villager (Bloor West) and fliers posted throughout the area. There was great demand for spaces in the school from this baby-boomer neighbourhood. The play school was held every morning for three weeks in the fall and three weeks in the spring. This proved to be the forerunner of our Co-operative.

In 1982, under the leadership of Principal Barry Stroud, the staff at Western Technical-Commercial School generously offered to share their talents and resources with the new Co-operative. After much negotiation and hard work, the play school evolved into Children’s Creative Corner Co-operative Nursery School, which operates and functions entirely separately from Western Technical Commercial School.



“Learning through the power of play”

Children’s Creative Corner Co-operative Nursery School is a non-competitive environment, which offers a varied and stimulating play experience for children. In a comfortable and stimulating group setting, children are offered the opportunity to make a smooth transition from the home to the community.

The primary goal of our school is to encourage individuality in our children, allowing them to grow, to create and to learn so that they will develop the confidence and the ability to take risks. The development of skills is taught within the context of this goal.


Our Program


Children’s Creative Corner Co-operative Nursery School offers morning and afternoon programs from September to June.

The school is closed for the holidays in December, statutory holidays, and March break. We remain open for PA days..

Children aged 2 to 5 years learn and thrive with our “learning through the power of play” school philosophy.

2 Morning Nursery School

For children 2 years old by the end of the calendar year; 15 Spaces
Tuesday and Thursday: 9:00 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.

2 Afternoon Nursery School

For children 36 months to 4 years (including kindergarten-aged children); 16 Spaces
Tuesday and Thursday: 12:45 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (with flexible pick-up beginning at 2:45 p.m.) No Duty Days are required for this program!

3 Morning Nursery School

For children 3 years old by the end of the calendar year; 16 Spaces
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 9:15 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.

Extended Kindergarten Preparation Program

For children enrolled in 3 Morning Nursery School; 10 spaces
Wednesday: 11:45 a.m. – 2:45 p.m.

Our extended program provides a play-based program with a stronger focus on kindergarten skills, such as STEM literacy, social studies, cooperation, leadership, communication, independence and more.

Our Team


Meg Lewis-Strauch has lived in the Bloor West Village community for her whole life. She obtained a degree in Early Childhood Education from George Brown College and Ryerson University followed by a Masters in Teaching at The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. Meg has experience working in a variety of educational settings in Toronto, Jamaica and Haiti. Meg values the collaborative relationship between parents and educators and believes in the power of a cooperative school structure.

Meg provides a stimulating environment that allows children to make choices, take risks and offers an opportunity for children to experience a variety of different play stages.


“Since starting at Creative Corner I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. The children and parents come together, creating a safe and warm learning environment that encourages children to reach their full potential through play, creativity, and friendships!”


Beth Pirie, our teacher assistant in the 2 morning program (Tuesday and Thursday) has been working at Creative Corner for 14 years, but has been involved at this amazing nursery school for 22 years.  Her three children went through the program, so she has held executive positions (Registrar, Vice-President and President) and can relate with the past and current members.

As the teaching assistant, Beth assists Meg in interacting with the children.  She actively participates in group activities, circle time and field trips.

Beth Pirie


“It is a very rewarding position, and I feel very fortunate to have been a part of this wonderful environment for so many years.”

What is a Co-op?

Creative Corners Co-operative Nursery School recognizes the value of parental involvement in a child’s learning experience and a co-op is one type of school that offers parents/caregivers many opportunities to participate in their children’s education.

Each member actively contributes to the school as a member of either the elected Executive or part of a committee (fundraising, or social etc.), or has an individual responsibility (play dough making, laundry etc.).

Members are also required to do duty days, which entails assisting the teachers in the classroom approximately once a month (2 Morning Program) and twice a month (3 Morning Program) and three times per month (Extended Kindergarten Preparation Program). Our 2 Afternoon Program does not require members to do duty days.

More information about our program and parent/caregiver involvement can be found in our Parent Handbook.



To place your name on the waiting list, please complete our online waitlist form. There is no deposit required, and you will receive an email confirmation once your request has been processed. You can also contact the Registrar directly by phoning the school, 416-769-4938, and obtaining the Registrar’s contact information.

Spaces for the upcoming Fall school year are offered in February and March. Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis with the following exceptions: children in the three-morning program have first priority for places in the Extended Kindergarten Preparation Program.

Program alumni and present members have priority over new members. Members who are offered a space at the school must secure it with a non-refundable deposit, which includes first and last month’s tuition plus a $100 new members fee (if applicable).

Most years there is a waiting list for entry into the programs, with many more interested families than available spaces. It is advisable to submit your application form as soon as possible. If a child is not offered a space initially, they remain on the waiting list as long as they are eligible for entry into one of our programs without having to re-submit any paperwork.

Program Fees

2 Morning Program (Tuesday and Thursday) $150/month

2 Afternoon Program (Tuesday and Thursday) $150/month

3 Morning Program (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) $185/month

3 Morning + Extended Kindergarten Afternoon Preparation Program (Wednesday) $225/month (i.e. an additional $40 per month on top of 3 Morning Program Fees)

For detailed information about fees and schedules, please contact us.

Contact Us

Children’s Creative Corner
Co-operative Nursery School
is located in the heart of
Bloor West Village

Western Technical Commercial School
125 Evelyn Crescent
Room 234
Toronto, ON
M6P 3E3

T 416-769-4938
email address

Tours of the school are always available. You may contact Meg at 416-769-4938 to arrange a day and time to bring your child by and observe the program.

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